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Best Strategy Board Games of 2019

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Are you looking for the next great thing in strategy board games? These 5 new games include everyone’s favorite elements of intrigue, careful planning and a hint of luck, making them perfect for parties and game nights. Here are the best strategy board games of 2019:



Factions of woodland creatures battle for dominance in the new game, Root. This interactive strategy game involves two to four players, each with a faction. The factions are asymmetrical, each having its own mode of play and way of winning. Factions conspire to take over the woodland, crossing dangerous territory and making precarious alliances to achieve ultimate superiority. Root involves creative player actions yet remains intuitive and easy to play. This along with whimsical medieval artwork will have fans of Redwall and strategy board games eager to play again and again.

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Gloomhaven is a tactical logic dungeon crawler that works for one player or up to four. Players can choose from a variety of character classes to move cooperatively through the perilous tile rooms that make up the board. Unlike many strategy board games, Gloomhaven doesn’t have dice but retains randomness with individual card decks for each character and monster. The story unfolds over several hours or days. It can continue through side quests or restart with one of the 95 available scenarios. Strategies are formed as each player builds their deck, selects the cards for their turn based on limited information and levels up over the course of the game. The complexities of many card decks increase the difficulty for players who are committed to a challenge.

Price: $103.99 USD - Check out Gloomhaven on Amazon!

Boss Monster


Anyone who has played an 8-bit dungeon crawler RPG knows how hard it is to defeat the level boss. In the exciting multiplayer standalone card game, Boss Monster, players now can discover how hard it is for bosses to defeat adventurers. Each player selects an evil boss monster whose task is to annihilate as many hapless adventurers as possible using traps, spells and other elements. Compete to see whose dungeon is most appealing by adding treasures and rewards while fending off rival bosses and defending against adventurer’s attacks. The unique perspective and engaging gameplay make this an obvious choice as one of the best strategy board games of the year.

Price: $15.89 USD - Check out Boss Monster on Amazon!

The Resistance


Who has what it takes to defy the odds and discover spies within the resistance to allow missions to succeed? The Resistance is a game similar to role-discovery strategy board games like Werewolf. Players have to use subtle clues and careful analysis of each situation to discover who is on their side and who is plotting their downfall. This thrilling party game for five to ten players is quick and accessible, yet includes complex strategizing as players find ways to signal whose team they are on without giving away their identity to enemies.

Price: $14.86 USD - Check out The Resistance on Amazon!



Codenames is a challenging game of strategic hinting and careful analysis. A spymaster for each team gives clues to guide the spies to their agents hidden behind a series of code words. If the team can correctly find all their agents using the single word clue, they win. However, bad guesses and misleading clues can instead help the enemy team discover their agents or can even uncover the assassin, who kills the whole team. The game is quick and easy to learn and can be played cooperatively or competitively with two to eight or more players. Relying on word association and deduction, this game is perfect for fans of Clue, Taboo or Outburst with a little intrigue and risk of death thrown in.

Price: $14.79 USD - Check out Codenames on Amazon!

Get Your Game On!

Exciting parties and game nights are easier with the innovative play of these top strategy board games. While each game is strategic, each has specific aspects, unlike any other game, making each one of the best strategy board games of 2019 an excellent addition to the dedicated or casual gamer’s collection.



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