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Coolest Pool Floats for Summer 2018

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Live Your Best Life with These Cool Pool Floats!

Going to the pool, beach, or lake is the ultimate summer experience, and having the perfect pool float adds to the fun! Ditch the pool noodle this summer and become the life of the pool party by getting one of these unique pool floats. Whether you want to relax alone or hang with friends, we've got you covered. Here are summer 2018's coolest pool floats!

Sun Pleasure Giant Party Bird Floating Island


This is the perfect party float for you and your friends. With ample seating for up to six people, cup holders, and even a built-in cooler, this float is an instant "yacht." There is a trifecta of Party Bird Floating Islands to choose from including a flamingo (pictured above), peacock, and a unicorn.

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Swimline Giant Pizza Slice Pool Float


This tasty looking deluxe pizza slice comes with all the fixings! Each slice has a crust-style headrest and two cup holders for comfortable lounging. There is a secret feature though. Each individual float comes with raft connectors so your friends can link slices to make one giant pizza float. This float makes for the ultimate pizza party!

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Intex Key Largo Inflatable Island Raft


This six-person floating island is great for those focused on comfort and functionality. The raft has built-in coolers, six cup holders and four handles to help you climb on. It even has a mesh panel in the center to keep your feet nice and cool. This float is pretty basic and simple, however, your friends will be comfortable enough to party on this raft all day!

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Intex Inflate-A-Bull Pool Float


The Inflate-A-Bull is by far the most active and entertaining floats on our list. It's essentially your own mechanical bull on the water! Have your friends shake the heavy-duty handles while you try to stay mounted on the bull. This float will provide hours of fun for all of your friends and family!

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Chillbo Don Poolio Float


Lounging in the water and on the sand is easy with the Don Poolio. This versatile float can be used as an air mattress, a beach bed, a river float, or just a water toy. One can stretch out or two can sit on this sturdy float. Like the Chillbo Shwaggins, the Don Poolio doesn't use a pump to inflate but rather a couple scoops of air!

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Intex Floating Recliner


If you like to sit back and lounge in the water, this is the best pool float for you. This chair-like float comes with a recliner back and arm rests for ultimate stability and comfort. With two cup holders, it's perfect for a self-care day with a cool drink and a good book. This float was designed specifically with relaxation and luxurious style in mind!

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Avocado Pool Float


Avocado lovers rejoice! This donut-style float is adorable and fun. You don't have to worry about a bulbus pit with this float, you can just stick your booty in the middle and relax all day long! You will be the talk of the pool party with this awesome inflatable!

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GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube


You're sure to enjoy the magic of summer with the fun and affordable GoFloats Unicorn Party Tube. GoFloats makes some of the most durable floats on the market so you don't have to worry about impact damage. Plus, you can't beat the price for a quality float like this!

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BigMouth Inc. Giant Pineapple Pool Float


This float screams mai tais, palm trees, and ukuleles. Get your tropical fix with this giant pineapple pool float. It’s six feet long, letting you lounge in style and comfort. BigMouth Inc. even has tropical island beverage boats to add to the experience - check them!

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Urban Outfitters Lilac Donut Inner Tube Pool Float


This float is literally a donut and it's absolutely adorable. This UO-exclusive float is extremely durable and is quick to inflate making it perfect for your summer water activities. The purple frosting, sprinkles, and novelty "bite" mark add even more to the fun design. You and a bakers-dozen of your friends are sure to have a blast with these this summer!

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Float in Style

Now that you have the ultimate guide to the coolest pool floats of summer 2018, your next pool party or beach trip is going to be even more relaxing and fun. Grab some friends and one (or two) of the floats from this list to make your days on the water even better!



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