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Marvel's 'The Punisher' Season Two Official Trailer

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Marvel's Marine-turned-vigilante, The Punisher, is returning for season two on January 18 exclusively on Netflix. The streaming giant kept the details of season 1 under wraps until it's release on November 17, 2017, and they have done the same with the latest batch of episodes. However, Netflix released the official trailer for season 2 today, and it looks just as grim, gritty, and action-packed as you would hope!

The newest trailer shows Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal) returning to his old ways as he saves a young woman (played by Giorgia Whigham) from an attempted assassination. Moreover, Billy Russo (Ben Barnes) is back with a vengeance using the monicker, Jigsaw and it doesn't look like he is going to let Frank off easy for his brutal, albeit, deserved mutilation in season 1. Fans are sure to be entertained with the intense and emotional storyline, new characters, and hyper-violence we have all grown to expect.

Marvel's 'The Punisher' returns to Netflix on January 18. Check it out here!



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